WHAT'S HOT: 2019 Natural Products Expo West

Wow! This year, the 39th Natural Product Expo West show had 3,600 exhibitors (including 600 first time companies) and over 86,000 attendees representing over 135 countries. 

This show seems to get bigger and bigger each year, but we still walk the entire show looking for overall trends and breakthrough brands and products.

This year, we're adding our OMG+ Noteworthy observations, because these products had the true WOW factor or fit the bill for "filling a category gap AND consumer need." These days, it's really tough to do something new, but there were a few brands that stopped us in our tracks.

Here are the themes for this year!
  • OMG + Noteworthy: Our picks for this year!
  • CBD + Hemp
  • Plants + Plant Based Dairy Alternatives
  • Oat
  • Keto
  • Collagen
  • MCT Oil + Coconut
  • Smoothies in a Cup
  • Snacks + More Snacks 


CBD: CBD was all the buzz this year, with tinctures, oils, gummies, powders, body balms and more. CBD and hemp also showed up as a key ingredient in all sorts of beverages, snacks, bites, coffee, cookies, snacks, culinary oils, and even health & beauty care products.


    Plants: Plant-based snacks, dips, beverages and more filled the aisles. While cauliflower still had some traction, mushrooms and avocado started popping up as did sweet potato and a few others.


    Plant Based Dairy Alternatives + Oat: Oat was all the rage. From milks to yogurts to lattes. And various other plant-based dairy alternatives filled the aisles, crafted from sesame, pistachio, almond, hemp and other secret blends.


    Ketomania: From keto specific brands to line extensions, we saw KETO everywhere. Mayos, nut butters, chocolate snacks, broths, ice creams, beverages, powders, creamers, and even mayo.


    Collagen: Did we hear collagen? Yes! Collagen shots, waters, breakfast oats, veggie mash-ups, bars + more.


    MCT + Coconut Oil: MCT and coconut oil continued to have a solid presence, with more unique applications in packaging and product form factors such as tortillas, beverages, and snacks.


    Smoothies in a Cup: Many took the success of the direct to consumer subscription model and brought it to a retail offering. 


    Snacks: Snacks continue to be everywhere, but some of the more unique one are below.