little bit on us

At Cultivate Creations, we’re health conscious people on a mission to bring responsible food and products to the world. We love smart strategy and design, and believe in unique, breakthrough ideas that will be insanely successful.

Our work and personal lives are one and the same. 
We spend 365 days a year living a healthy lifestyle…growing food, developing new recipes in the kitchen, being creative in everything we do, and crafting many new products and ideas from scratch.

We have a lot of integrity and only work on products we believe in.

We have a 360° holistic approach to everything we do, 
and are thoughtful to ensure our work sets the foundation for smart decision making and effective plans that are successfully executed.

When we engage with you, we won’t just treat you like a partner…we’ll treat your business like it’s ours.
 It’s personal to us and we hope it is to you too.





Vanessa Toy, Founder